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Ply-Lam is an engineered wood product developed primarily for use in the stairs building industry. The journey began in 2006 and Ply-Lam Manfacturing is now producing stringer and tread material for Sandhills Manufacturing Ltd. of Spruce Grove, Alberta. Sandhills Manufacturing Ltd. is a high-volume stair and railing supplier. Presently Sandhills Manufacturing Ltd. has exclusive rights to Ply-Lam.

What Can Ply-Lam Be Used For?

  • Ply-Lam is used to replace the dimensional lumber most often used for stair stringers.
  • Ply-Lam is also used as tread material.
Ply-Lam used to replace the dimensional lumber used for stair stringers

Why Is Ply-Lam Better?

  • Ply-Lam is basically plywood so it is a very stable product; not susceptible to warping, cracking and twisting as is the case with dimensional lumber.
  • Ply-Lam is lighter, easier to work with and more fire resistant than OSB. It also has ‘memory’ i.e. it may swell when wet but will return to its original size when dry.
  • Ply-Lam is a better use of the resource than dimensional lumber. When using dimensional lumber for stringers, up to 40% of the wood may be wasted.
  • Ply-Lam in ‘plank’ form is very economical for use as treads. This saves time lost dealing with heavy 4’ x 8’ sheets of 1” plywood and produces far less waste.

What People Are Saying

After looking at various stair builders in the lower mainland, I decided to go with Plytech Stairs. I was glad I did as they helped me figure out what stair would work best in my home. I was unsure of all the details but they helped walk me through the process and work with me at each phase of the job. I would definitely recommend these guys to anyone looking to work with a talented and professional team.

- Home Owner

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