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Our prefabricated & construction grade stairs take the hassle of building stairs on site and bring it into our shop. In our 5,000 square foot facility we construct our prefab stairs exclusively with Ply-Lam, a superior engineered wood product used primarily in the stair building business.

By having the stairs build in-shop and delivered to site, it allows the framers to focus their time and effort on other areas of your home. For approximately the same price as it would to have a framer build your stair, you can have your stair built by our team and delivered to your site.

By using our exclusive product, Ply-Lam, we only have a 5% wood waste vs. 45% wood waste for those who build stairs on site. With waste reduction a priority on many builders’ lists as well as being implemented into municipal building codes by 2015, prefabricated & construction grade stairs are the future of the stair building business in British Columbia.

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prefab construction grade stairs, plylam
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What People Are Saying

After looking at various stair builders in the lower mainland, I decided to go with Plytech Stairs. I was glad I did as they helped me figure out what stair would work best in my home. I was unsure of all the details but they helped walk me through the process and work with me at each phase of the job. I would definitely recommend these guys to anyone looking to work with a talented and professional team.

- Home Owner

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