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Staining and lacquering are the final touches that make our stairs and railings stand out above the rest. Our one stop shop takes your stair from start to finish by color matching the stair to the required color that you desire. With oak, maple and walnut stairs, you can have a beautiful new stair to match your new home or a stair that is built afterwards that looks like it was always there.

Because of our large and well-spaced shop area, we are able to finish each stair with staining and lacquering prior to it leaving our building. Because we are able to keep the stair from being exposed to other elements that are found in a home that is being built, such as sanding, painting or moisture, our shop provides the perfect venue to complete the look of your stair.

Our profession and skilled teams work with the newest tools to finish your stair and bring it to your home without you needing to hire additional people.

Find out how we can build and finish your stair by contacting Plytech Stair Systems today!

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What People Are Saying

After looking at various stair builders in the lower mainland, I decided to go with Plytech Stairs. I was glad I did as they helped me figure out what stair would work best in my home. I was unsure of all the details but they helped walk me through the process and work with me at each phase of the job. I would definitely recommend these guys to anyone looking to work with a talented and professional team.

- Home Owner

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